Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash
Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

I won’t lie, I like to try new apps all of the time. Both on iOS (mostly iPad) and on Android (mostly phone). This page represents what feel is the best apps on the market. I will categorize them and link to the app so you can easily find them. As with all apps, there is a heavy overtone of my personal preference and your preferences will vary. I will not post any games, everyone has different tastes there.


LassPass – One can argue this, but this is one of the top two password managers on the internet. Use it!

Authy – While I use TFA (two-factor authentication) on as many sites as I can, I HATE setting up every time I get a new phone or format my phone. Authy is set up once and it will sync from there.


RadarScope – Simply THE BEST radar app out there. Hands down! Most meteorologists and storm chasers that I see use this app. It costs $10 initially for a fully featured radar. There is a subscription model for additional features.

Weather Radio – This would be the companion app to RadarScope (also developed by the same developer). This app will tell you if there are watches or warnings where you are. Not your house, not your work. I looked long and hard for an app that would do that well. It costs $5 but very worth it. It’s also quick in letting you know when there is severe weather in your area. There is an optional lightning warning for a yearly fee. I subscribed so I would know about lightning especially for outdoor sports.