Weather Resources


As I get deeper into learning more about weather and how to read models. I started to build a list of trusted sources for the information I use. I am sharing these with you so that you also can learn more.

Beginner/Standard Information

First I’ll start with the more standard sources of information. This is the sites that everyday people would be using. However, I tend to avoid the commercial sites because of the tracking and abundance of ads they use.

  • – First and foremost the source of all weather data is our very own National Weather Service. They collect and share much of the data that the commercial sites use AND they are the ones that determine when there is a severe weather alert. This is free and you pay for it through your taxes.
  • Home Office Page – While each site is somewhat different, they tend to have other information┬áthat what is on your local site. In my case, my local office is in the Twin Cities. To find this look in the breadcrumbs on your weather page from above and click one level up.
  • Windy – This is a great way to view “the models” without having to understand them all. This breaks down the information into easy-to-understand layers. They also have an app I have installed on all of my devices. The site and app are free, but they accept donations.
  • For radar, nothing beats RadarScope. This is an app for just about every device. There is a $10 fee, but nothing beats its accuracy and speed. I highly recommend it.