The fees have taken effect. You have 10 days to pay for the license fee after you have been entered into the system. Keep watch for an email if you have met the below conditions.

NOTE: I will update this as I learn more details. See changelog below

FCC has announced when the new licensing fees take effect. 

What we know

As of April 19, 2022, there will be a $35 fee per application. Applies to:

  • new licenses
  • renewals
  • vanity callsigns or new sequential callsigns (non-refundable)

A fee will not be applied to administrative changes like:

  • Name change
  • Mailing or email address change
  • License cancellation
  • license upgrades
  • Trustee change (for clubs)

VE Teams will NOT be collecting this fee. This must be paid directly to the FCC within 10 days of the email getting sent. This will be paid to the FCC via CORES.

More details can be found in the ARRL announcement and on their fees page.


  • Updated: 2022/04/05 @ 03:22z – Updated what you have to pay for.
  • Updated: 2022/03/30 @ 20:06z – License upgrades do not get charged?