I make it known, I love nets, especially those on this page. I will only share those that you can access from anywhere and exclude the local VHF/UHF nets since those aren’t accessible to all.

OM International Sideband Society (OMISS)

The OM International Sideband Society nets are a blast and I recommend them for any new ham or experienced alike. Especially if you like to work for awards. New hams get the experience of working with a variety of contacts in various conditions. With the help of the software, NetLogger, we can work contacts and chat on AIM (Almost Instant Messenger). They have nets on every band throughout the week with 20m, 40m, and 80m nets every day and nets on every band (except 60) every weekend.

Ham Radio Crash Course (HRCC)

I’m not on nearly as often as I would like, but it’s fun to do. They have a digital net and an HF net that we coordinate on the #hf-net channel on the HRCC Discord server. The digital net is on Thursdays and the HF net is on Fridays.

Southern MN Digital Net

Hosted by the St. Peter radio club. This is a Fusion net in the “So MN” Room 40861 and YSF node 40861 on Sundays at 8:30 central time.