Programmer at computer
So you are graduating (or have graduated) from college and are now looking for a job? […]
This isn’t really a “fix” as it was something that I learned that was causing me […]
Credit Cards
I needed an attribute to validate the credit card expiration date and couldn’t find any good […]
Are you annoyed that Adobe Acrobat Reader pops up in Google Chrome? I was. With some […]
I had a problem recently where because of some old programs with built-in O-specs I didn’t […]
I am posting this tip here so I don’t lose it for the next time I […]
I am documenting this here because this is very difficult to find anywhere online. When you […]
I had the need to force word-wrap some text in a cell in Excel. Use Alt-Enter […]
I have been thinking about this and have some thoughts on the whole thing. The internet […]
I just finished up an article about <a href=””>field encryption for the System i</a> over <a […]