This is for people designated as a moderator in the room. This will not work if you are not a mod.

This will not document the user commands. Those are documented on another page and will not be duplicated here.

Moderation Functions

  • /activatemod and /deactivatemod – will turn on/off all moderation functions in the bot (effectively turning it off)
  • /allowsong – if a song is longer than the max minutes allowed, you can override the bot so it will allow the song to fully play out.
  • /ban @username and /unban username – Will add/remove the user to the bot’s ban list.
  • /boot @username – Will boot the user from the room to cool them down a bit.
  • /fan @username will have the bot fan that person
  • :-1: – will lame a song. – This is for emergency uses only.
  • /listbans – will list all of the banned users
  • @botname listenercount – will show you how many people the bot thinks are in the room. Sometimes useful when the site glitches out.
  • /listmods – Will list out all of the mods in the room.
  • /noonecares – Sets the count to 99 for all DJs
  • /oneanddone – Sets the bot to “one and done”. Do this on the last DJ on the table before the first DJ starts playing.
  • /party – will have the bot celebrate with everyone
  • /realcount x-x-x-x-x – Sets the playground to correct any issues. Replace x with the right number for each DJ spot and use x to indicate an empty spot.
  • /skipsong – sends a message to the current DJ to please skip the song.
  • speak – This is the fun command I use all the time. PM the bot and type speak plus whatever you want it to say after that.
  • /status – will show you the major bot settings if you need to see what’s happening. WARNING: The ttstats bots will also answer to this.
  • /watch and /unwatch – NEEDS TESTING

Dance Bot, Dance!

There is many, many, fun ways to get the bot to dance.

  • :metal: or :punch: or :+1: – Will automatically upvote the song
  • crank it
  • pump up the jam
  • kick it
  • pump it up
  • let's rock
  • /me kicks @botname
  • /me punches @botname
  • /me smacks @botname
  • roll again – rerolls the dice if you are feeling nice. Not intended to be done more than a couple of times. We have other ways to have the bot dance.

Queue Operation

  • /startq – Starts the queue
  • /endq – Stops the queue
  • /clearq – clears the queue

Bot Settings

These commands control how the bot operates and must be done via a PM. Don’t change unless you know what it will do.

  • set setting – Will update the configurable settings
  • get setting – Will view the configurable settings. Using just the set command will list out all of the options. For details on each setting see the admin documentation.

DJ Operation

These commands control the bot’s ability to DJ.

  • addsong – manually add a song to the DJ’s playlist. This will happen automatically with two hearts on one song.
  • /deletelastsong – will delete the last song played in the playlist. Maybe it’s very inappropriate or something and it should be removed.
  • /newsong – Will get the next song in the playlist.
  • /stepup – Will have the bot step up to the DJ table
  • /stepdown – Will have the bot leave the DJ table
  • /whatsnext – Will list the next song in the bot’s playlist


  • /enableafk – Will do things to people that aren’t active in the room. Active means chatting and NOT just bopping.
  • findidle/idle/findidledjs/idledjs – Will list people that are idle
  • /reservefor @username – Reserve a spot on the DJ table for someone that needs to refresh for some reason.
  • /removereservation – to remove that reservation if they don’t come back in a reasonable amount of time.
  • /subscribe
  • /summon