I have been meaning to write this for quite a while. I haven’t had much time (or rather taken the time time) to write this. I feel I have some interesting thoughts, so please read this article in full before making any comments. I will not moderate any of the comments left on this post unless I feel they are hateful or otherwise illegal. Now, read on to hear my thoughts. I may update this as needed to clarify my views. This topic has been very heated and I feel it is time for me to put my two cents in. First, I feel I should qualify myself. I am not gay, I am a Lutheran, and I believe that being gay is sinful and wrong. However, I also believe it is not my place to tell you how to live your life. I do know some gay people and one of them has been my best friend since high school. I will not judge you and your decision to do this. I don’t know or understand how one “becomes gay”, but I know this is something that I will have to live with. I am also an objective person. I feel I am able to weigh in both sides of the story and then with my Christian background I can make a decision based on my beliefs and my common sense.

I suppose now you are thinking this is a completely anti-gay post and you have already decided to stop reading. Well don’t! This isn’t one of those posts. In fact I believe the complete opposite when it comes to gay rights. I think gays should have rights that are equivalent to marriage. I do believe the word “marriage” should apply to the sacred union of one man and one woman in Holy Matrimony. However, in the light of all the discrimination in America towards gay people, I think a gay couple should be able to get the full rights a “normal” married couple would receive. They should be able to go on a joint health care plan through their employer and be able to adopt kids if they want. They should be allowed to make medical decisions for their partner much like a husband can his wife and vise versa. I feel it is wrong to ban gay marriage at any level of government. All the states are doing is breaking the laws that are already in place (in my opinion). They are discriminating against a group of people and say that these certain people don’t have the same rights as everyone else just because they like people of the same gender (hmm… this sounds much like another ugly event in our history). What would I call this union? I don’t know and I don’t care, just don’t call it “marriage”. Based on the thoughts of my friend, I am going to clarify something here. In the eyes of the government, marriage is a contract that grants you legal rights. Perhaps instead of giving it a different name, change what they call it all together. After all, marriage some thing that comes from religion. Perhaps just call it a “contract of a union of a couple”.

I have heard that Minnesota is working on banning gay marriage. Why don’t they lead the pack and come up with something a bit different? Do you know who are making these laws? Christians. I would say most of the members of congress are Christian. So these people who have to operate in the separation of church and state are following the church and creating these laws banning the union. I can’t wait until someone takes this to the Supreme Court. This is blatantly against what America stands for. It is amazing how much people are hypocrites. They say African Americans need equal rights, Latinos need equal rights, race x needs equal rights, but gays? They can’t get married. What does that really about Americans today?

I don’t really know how I can help, but I would if I could. Maybe just by writing this I have helped more than I think. If you like my views please pass this on to others. Heck, pass this on to your state representatives. Get the word out. We need to stop the banning of gay marriage and have our lawmakers make better use of their time getting the budget balanced.



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