It’s a new year and, as they say, gives you a new fresh start. In reality, it’s just another day with the only exception being that you are trying to remember to write 2018 on your checks. At the Wills’ household, we start a new adventure taking our daughter to Volleyball practices and tournaments all winter. But that isn’t why this post…

This past year, I started to dive back into podcasting and doing a couple daily challenges (the last one being the Dog Days of Advent). One thing I am going to try to do this year is a weekly audio blog. I call it that because I don’t want it to be on any given topic, just about the happenings of the week. It may go political, it may go geeky, or it might be just about what we did that week. No promises on audio quality, it will be off the cuff with whatever microphone I have access to at the time. Along with that, I am starting to slowly develop a new “real” podcast where I dive more into learning about weather and what makes up storms. I have some fun plans, but I need to get moving on it.

Stay tuned…



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