The past couple days I was on a mission to look for a way to replace our aging dot-matrix receipt printer. We got some new printers to go with our new credit card processor. These printers are Epson TM-T20 thermal printers. I had some problems finding the information to have the printer cut the paper and to get it to eject the cash drawer. I am documenting what I found here for people in the future to figure out.

You need these codes embedded in the spool file. The first hex character, 03, tells the OS we are sending ASCII characters. The second, 06, tells the OS that the next x characters are ASCII.

  • To cut the paper – X'03060D0A1D564220'
  • To eject the cash drawer 1 – X'03051B703040F0'
  • To eject the cash drawer 2 – X'03051B703140F0'



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