Add a custom IBM i library list to a C# application

Ever find that you need to add a custom library list to a C# application that works with IBM i data? Here is what you need to do. Add LibraryList= to your connection string. So that would look like: connectionString=”DataSource=;DefaultCollection=MYMAINLIB;Naming=sql; UserID=USERNAME;Password=PASSWORD;LibraryList=MYMAINLIB,LIB2,LIB3;”

Creating a better emailed statement in RPG using CGIDEV2

We had some… problems with our utility bill emails. They weren’t worded clearly enough that some people were getting confused. See, when I wrote this, used the only approach I knew and manually assembled a string of text until the email was created (depended upon if they were auto-pay or not), but over all the […]

How do I iterate over a set of records in RPG with embedded SQL?

A person on StackOverflow asked a good question a while back. How do I iterate over a set of records in RPG(LE) with embedded SQL? This is a mix of information gleamed from many sources. I use a standard template for every program and modify as needed from there. Here is the core of the […]

First Data Global Gateway Web Service API setup for Visual Studio 2010

First Data’s directions for setting up their web service in Visual Studio is very confusing and I ended up calling them for help. Visual Studio 2010 has different directions than previous versions of Visual Studio. Here is how I got it to work. First install the certificate, go into Internet Options in the Control Panel. […]