Updated: Looking at the models this morning, it’s starting to realign with what the NWS is predicting, but it’s still MUCH less. I still think we will get an inch maybe 2.

They are saying we are supposed to get snow tomorrow. I am not convinced. Based on what I have heard it’ll start snowing sometime in the morning, after the rush hour in the cities. They say we’ll get 3-4 inches.

Diving in a bit more into their predictions, here in the Mankato area we should be getting about 3 inches.

Looking at the models that I have been using, I am not convinced we’ll get much. Looking at the latest models, it’s showing that we’ll get a dusting if that.

And my favorite site Windy agrees with that.

Another model is still showing 3 inches, so who really knows for sure.

My prediction will be a dusting of snow to maybe an inch based on what I see.

Looking forward into Thursday… that’s a different story. Windy is saying, in total, we might be getting up to 10 inches of snow over the next 10 days. Looking at the models, I am seeing somewhere between 3-7 inches so far.

Be weather aware!



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