The next system, expect more rain than snow

While it’s exciting to talk rain in spring, it will bring a new round of flooding and other problems. Here’s the breakdown. I’m bringing out the QPF (Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts) now. QPF is basically how much precipitation will fall in any form (rain, snow, etc). The current models are showing around a inch and a half of precipitation.

Here is what the NWS is saying.

This system will start out as rain and may eventually turn into snow giving us maybe an inch or so of snow.

I would highly recommend you clean snow away from any catch basins near where you live or work to help drain the water out of the street. The city crews would thank you for helping out.

As with the last couple of systems, there will be some wind behind this system and there may be some blowing snow.

This is still an early prediction, so stay tuned and always be weather aware.

Storm Prediction for this Weekend, Totals Still Could Change

So… here it is. I have a feeling totals will still change. First, let’s look at the timing. It should start late morning to early afternoon.

The NWS is saying 4 inches in Mankato is the most likely senario.

There is still a 10% chance that the Mankato area could get 9 inches or so of snow. Historically, this is on the high side and used the high number in their predictions (from what I have seen anyway).

The models have been consistent in saying we will get about 3/4 of an inch of water falling from the sky (in its various forms). So let’s go to the snow models.

1:10 model GFS model says 6.3
I haven’t seen this model be lower yet this winter ,but this is saying less.
NAM is saying around the same figures.

With all this, my prediction is 5-7 inches for the area. This may change overnight yet, and if it does, I’ll be sure to update the total prediction.

I will add that this system can easily shift south and dump 12 inches on us, we’ll probably know more tomorrow.

Always watch the weather and be weather aware.

Quick Snow Update

I’ll be publishing my final predictions tomorrow, but I wanted to share some information as this system starts to figure out what it’s doing. The NWS is predicting 9 inches for the Mankato area.

Here is the ranges they are predicting.

Stay tuned as I’m sure things will still change. They are expecting over an inch of liquid to fall from the sky that will be in the form of rain, snow, or any other form.

Keep up-to-date on this and always stay weather aware.

Potential for a Strong Storm this Weekend

Update: Now it’s looking more like rain than snow, but could easily change again. I’ll keep you updated.

Looking ahead, this week seems to be cold, but not too bad with a warming trend. However, this weekend, there is a potential for a strong winter storm.

This one is lining up much like the one that dumped on us a couple of weeks ago.

Currently there is even a potential for some stronger winds with this system as well.

This IS a week away and could change drastically, so stay tuned in and I’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date.

Always stay weather aware.