Looking forward to the next storms

So I measured 8 inches today in my driveway. I have it all cleared out and ready for the next storm.

These are just preliminary numbers and I think they will be adjusting the predictions above. It’s looking like the Friday system will go north of us leaving us with just a dusting of snow. If it slides south we could easily get an inch or two.

The system behind that will bring more significant snow in the range of about 6 inches.

I’m as happy as you are.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and stay weather aware.

Are you ready for this? I’m not

So I am poking around the models seeing how much snow we might get. Let’s look at the models.

The GFS 10:1 ratio (1 inch of rain to 10 inches of snow) shows Mankato getting 6 inches.

The GFS Kuchera Ratio (a more algorithmic calculation) is saying closer to 8.5.

GFS in some circles isn’t known to be the best. So lets look at the NAM which has a better rep.

Again the 10:1 is saying 6 inches.

The Kuchera is saying 9.1 inches.

The other big model is the European model. Unfortunately, Pivotal Weather and Tropical Tidbits don’t have similar models for snow accumulation. So let’s look at Windy.

I believe this is the 10:1 model and it’s also saying 6.5 inches.

With that, I am going to match what most have been saying and keep the estimate at 6-9 inches of snow in the Mankato area.

Looking forward to the “big storm” it’s hard to tell as the models keep moving. What is known is that it is a bigger storm. How much depends on where it goes. At one point Windy had us pegged at about 18 inches of snow, that has gone down as the totals moved east. But it’s still several days away and the models will change quite a bit before then.

Until then, always keep updated and stay weather aware.

More snooooooooooowwwwww… Yuck!

I am not happy either, but there are two more systems coming this week in to the weekend. The first one is Tuesday night into Wednesday bringing about 4-5 or so inches.

Windy reporting 5 inches for the next 5 days.

The second one, and PLEASE don’t shoot the messenger, will be Saturday into Sunday. KSTP is saying this the biggest storm of the season bringing 18 inches of snow. Now realize that is is a week out and things can really change.

Windy reporting 22.9 inches in the next 10 days.

Stay tuned and always be weather aware.

Snow Saturday evening thru Sunday

The NWS issued their prediction for the snow starting tomorrow evening. They are predicting about 3 inches for the Mankato area.

I am seeing lower numbers to around just over an inch. With that I am predicting 1-3 inches. I think that is pretty safe guess for the area.

Beware, there is another bigger system on Wednesday that I’ll start looking into Sunday. That one currently is predicting about 5 or so inches. Things will of course change as it gets closer.

As always stay weather aware.

Snow Early Next Week

Here we go again...

It currently appears like we’ll get some more snow. Somewhere in the vicinity of 1 to 5 inches on the very high side based on the latest GFS models. I’m sure the NWS will release more details in the next day or so. Until then here is the models I was looking at.

Take note that these models have changed a lot lately and this is WAY to far out to get accurate predictions.

Numbers All over the board. Snow from 1 inch to 5 inches

Normally, I’m able to find enough models in common I can make a decent prediction, it’s not the case this time.

With that said, NWS is saying about 4 inches as of this evening and models are anywere from just over an inch to 5 or so.

No clue otherwise. In either case always be weather aware.

Mike Wills Podcast 2019-02-10

Today I talk about how I post the weather alerts to Facebook and Twitter. I was inspired by @pathagge when I was asking how he was posting the same thing to Twitter.

First, you need to have an iNWS account. I am not going to share where that is, because it requires approval and only certain people can have that access.

Next, you need an IFTTT account. This allows for the automation to work, while you are at it, install the IFTTT app on your phone. I know this works on Android phones, I don’t know for sure if it works on iOS.

Then create an applet. Choose SMS from your phone type and choose any message from #. Enter in the iNWS phone number.

Then choose then post to Facebook Page.

You can click on Add ingredient to choose what you want to be displayed in the message. After this is done, you can save and active this rule. It will start almost immediately and will be awaiting your next message to be received.

Sorry, this isn’t step-by-step, but I wanted to summarize what I am doing. You can set this similar rule for Twitter as well, or you can have Facebook post to Twitter.

Questions? Post your question in the comments below!

More snow coming late Monday into Tuesday

In case you haven’t heard, more snow is a comin’!

I am pretty sure they will lower the estimated totals for us to somewhere under 5 inches of snow. Ths system is trending to dump more snow further east of us. We have seen it before where it’s trending east then dumps on us.

It appears like it should start to snow somwhere around 6pm Monday and last for around 24 hours.

Stay tuned and always stay weather aware!