Here we go again, another storm rolling in. First, let’s start with the official forecast. You […]
Earlier today I was thinking the Mankato area would not take a direct hit, but most […]
It’s a ways out, but there is a chance for plowable snow next weekend. This is […]
I definitely need to improve a few things about how I record these videos, but here […]
I am not convinced it will happen so I won’t even provide picture proof. Pray it […]
Yet another fud for the immediate south-central MN and that isn’t a bad thing. The last […]
Yeah… it’s not going away. But now the confidence is growing. URGENT – WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE […]
I don’t joke about the weather, this is nothing to joke about. While the track isn’t […]
… there is snow in the forecast. *ducks and hides* This has been trending south the […]