Time to pull out those galoshes, a wetter pattern will be starting up again this next […]
While it’s exciting to talk rain in spring, it will bring a new round of flooding […]
So… here it is. I have a feeling totals will still change. First, let’s look at […]
I’ll be publishing my final predictions tomorrow, but I wanted to share some information as this […]
Update: Now it’s looking more like rain than snow, but could easily change again. I’ll keep […]
Yeah, I’m getting sick of it too… It appears like we will be getting 2-4 inches […]
A system is still tracking our way for this Friday through Saturday. It appears like we […]
Tonight into tomorrow is the next round of snow. So far it’s looking like it’s staying […]
Now that we have this system out of the way (sort of ), time to look […]
It looks like the bulk of this system is going to the west of us. I […]