Remember when I said there was more snow coming last week? I wasn’t wrong. Tomorrow we’ll […]
Not just one system, not two, there is at least 5 systems of snow over the […]
I’m not got to rehash what I said last night. We are still supposed to get […]
Looking forward, we have more snow coming. LOTS more. Future models are showing snow every couple […]
Looking forward to tomorrow, more snow will be coming and this will be a bigger system […]
I am not sure how close you watched this storm, but it was a weird one. […]
Updated: Looking at the models this morning, it’s starting to realign with what the NWS is […]
Depending on where you look we will have rain, freezing rain, and some snow coming our […]
Looking past this c-c-c–coooold for our next storm, I didn’t have to look too far. Sometime […]
We are just about 1/2 through the snow storm as I write this. NWS has the […]